Mobilizing for a Research Revolution to Ensure LGBTIQ Inclusion


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ+) people make up 3 –10% of the world's population—but are only partial citizens. Same-sex sexual acts remain criminalized in 70 countries; many prohibit 'gender-nonconforming'  behaviors. MFARR aims to mobilize partnerships and generate evidence to accelerate LGBTIQ+ inclusion.


Asia is home to 58% of the world's population, but lags in human rights protections for LGBTIQ+ people. MFARR-Asia is a 10-country multisectoral partnership to advance LGBTIQ+ inclusion and human rights through innovative multidisciplinary research, community engagement, and knowledge mobilization. 

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Canada is a global leader in LGBTIQ+ human rights, but faces substantial challenges—in schools, workplaces, healthcare, and freedom from violence. MFARR-Canada aims to advance LGBTIQ+ inclusion and human rights, including those at the most marginalized intersections who bear the brunt of structural inequality.

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